Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How do I know you'll show up? I've had experiences with rental companies before where I booked someone and they never came.  I just don't want that to happen again.  

A. Yes, we feel your pain and have had many clients switch to us because of disappointing previous experiences with other companies.  Here's how we Guarantee our service.

1. Because of our state-of-the-art 24/7 Online Realtime Booking Platform, we cannot overbook.  Our system will not let us.  You may book online or call us and either way your automatically put into the system for your date and rental unit(s) you reserve. 

2. You'll always receive multiple confirmations when you book, including confirmation plenty of days before your event.  

3. We prefer delivering very early so your rentals are all set up well in advance of your guests arriving. Preferable deliver the night before your Event Date and Pick up the morning after. This way you can relax knowing your items will be there on time and we know you'll be thrilled with our service.  

Q. If a park or business wants an additional insurance certificate can you provide this

A. Yes. Jack Five Jumps, LLC carries a Liability policy, however Jack Five Jumps, LLC will not be responsible for any acts of negligence on the part of the customer, their representatives, or guests. We require that you monitor and provide your own attendant for the Inflatable at all times. Jack Five Jumps, LLC offers staffing at $27.00 per hour. We are fully insured and are regularly asked to additionally insure parks, churches or businesses. The fee for an additionally insured certificate is $75.00 per certificate we need at least 4 days notice prior to the event to provide the group with a certificate.

Q. Do you offer Rental Protection?

A. For your protection an automatic 4.375% Rental Protection fee is added to every order. This covers the unit from accidental damage while in your possession. This covers items like small seam rips, minor netting damage, staining from grass or asphalt, or scuffs and scrapes from asphalt, flooring and cement.

*This Rental Protection does not cover misuse, over loading, intentional damage to the unit such as with sharp objects, silly string, paints, gum, candy, beverage spills, and other intentional abuse. Please use trash cans near the Inflatable to keep any spills or garbage free from the rental.  Any spills that aren't cleaned up immediately by the customer, whether in or under the rental, or vomit, urine accidents, or face paint on the rental, customers will be charged a $125 cleaning fee.  

*Rental Protection does not cover missing or stolen units.

*Rental Protection does not cover excessive cleaning charges.

*Rental protection is not a liability insurance coverage- an additional insured certificate can be added for $75.00.

*Rental Protection is required on every reservation.

Q. Do we have to sign a Liability Release Form?

A. Yes, the contract can be E-Signed as a convenience. Lessor is NOT responsible for injuries occurring to lessee or to any persons using the leased property, and the lessee further agrees to hold Jack Five Jumps, LLC harmless against any injury and claims to property damage. By accepting these terms you indicate agreement with all the provisions in this lease and acknowledge that you will read, review and follow the general rules posted on the rented equipment for safe operation. Jack Five Jumps, LLC will also review the rules with you at delivery for your special event.  

Q. What is your cancellation policy? 

A. Once an inflatable is reserved, you may post-pone or re-schedule your rental up to 24 hours prior to your rental time and your deposit will be credited towards your next rental date. No refunds will be given. Due to scheduling we cannot accept changes to an order within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery. No refunds or credit will be given for cancellations or changes with less than 24 hours notice. If there is a dangerous weather issue that suddenly arrises before the rental is set up we can postpone setup for later in the day or reschedule for an available future date. 

Q. Are your Inflatables Clean?

A. Yes, our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized with child friendly cleaners.  Our inflatables are cleaned after every event and again when we set up.  We will leave the rental for you in excellent condition including our thorough safety check!   

Q. Should I tip Jack Five Jumps, LLC EMPLOYEES?

A. Tipping is very much appreciated although not required. Our team at Jack Five Jumps, LLC works hard to make sure everything is set-up, ready for your event, and delivered on time in excellent shape. If you would like to tip Jack Five Jumps, LLC employee, please do so at the time of delivery when final payment is due.  

Q.  Can we book for less than a full day?  Hourly? 

A.  Yes, however, we only lower the fee $15 for less than a full day no matter the time frame.  Only need for an hour or two the fee is still only lowered by $15.